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Welcome to MindLight!

Thank you for visiting and welcome to MindLight!

Two years ago, my partners and I began building a tool with a simple vision of helping caregivers care for themselves.  MindLight is a technology solutions company. The company brings together like minded individuals to help them help each other.  At MindLight, we help caregivers, like us, remember to take care of themselves.

Why MindLight?

Why do we want to help?  Let me tell you my personal why.  In 2013, my life went from calm to chaotic.  There wasn’t just one change, there were a series of changes that altered the course of my life forever.

It Started with a Diagnosis

Similar to many of you, the beginning of my new life started with a diagnosis.  I was pregnant with my fourth child, due in about a month, and I walked into the Autism Intervention of Milwaukee offices to see if my two-year old daughter’s developmental delays might be autism.  Honestly, I didn’t think we would find answers here either. She didn’t “look” autistic, whatever that means.

The diagnostician completed her exam and told us our daughter was autistic. Our family got a diagnosis; life changing diagnoses never affect just the person who get it.  Diagnosis was just the start of our journey.

It Continued with a New Baby

The arrival of a child is an amazing and positive experience in the journey of life.  Only a month after diagnosis, our fourth child was born. September was already busy for us.  A diagnosis, birth of a child, two kiddos starting school and a newly diagnosed daughter beginning six days a week of Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA).  It didn’t stop there.

It Continued …

Exactly 12 weeks passed from the day that our fourth child was born.  That day, as I went into the office, the only thing left of my normal life, the HR Director was sitting in my office, waiting for me to arrive.  She handed me my separation papers. My job was eliminated.

It just didn’t seem to be my year.  Within this same three-month period, both of my dogs died.  My mother was admitted to the hospital and they were not sure if she would ever leave (she did).  My dad and my step-dad both had heart attacks.

Things kept going wrong, issues were adding up, just like the pounds on my scale.  At my heaviest, I was 245 pounds. I am only 5′ 7″. Between taking care of a new baby, dealing with and managing 40 hours a week of therapy, remotely assisting my ailing mother, and trying to find a job that somehow could work around my crazy life, finding time to take care of myself just didn’t seem like a priority.  Something had to change.

Finding the Light

Things needed to change and I needed a light at the end of the tunnel.  The problem was I wasn’t even able to find a tunnel, a path, that was already traveled and resolved by other caregivers like me.  I was a ‘sandwich’ caregiver, I read. What I didn’t find was how I could deal with it; there didn’t seem to be a tunnel. I was getting desperate.

Finding MindLight

I did have one thing that all of these events could not take from me.  I had 20+ years of experience using my mind to solve complex problems in healthcare, using technology.  What I had right now was a big problem that needed solving.

In the absence of a tunnel, I picked up a shovel and started digging; I needed a path to find a solution to my overwhelm, lack of time for self-care, and increased stress level.  MindLight was created as the path to the light. A path to hope that things could get better.

That path to hope is MindLight.  MindLight is a technology company created by caregivers for caregivers.  We create technology to bring us together. Here at MindLight, we are creating a community of caregivers.  Join me in helping others find the light.  Access the app for FREE and share it with someone you love.  

Yours in service,