Diagnosis Day

5 Things To Do On Diagnosis Day

So you just got a diagnosis, now what?  No matter what diagnosis you or your caree are given, there are a few things that anyone, which any diagnosis, can do to get through that first few days.

#1. Breathe

Breathe.  Take a few deep breaths, as deep as you can.  Breathe in for five seconds and out for five seconds.  Do this for a few minutes if you are able. Our breathing helps control our emotions and also helps bring oxygen into our body and brain.  Helping reduce stress and increasing brain power during the next few days will serve you well.

#2. Get a 2nd Opinion

Unless you are 100% certain the diagnosis is accurate, it is never a bad idea to seek a second opinion.  While the second opinion might just confirm the first opinion, it does give you something active to do when you have the initial nervous energy that arises out of getting the news.  

#3. Exercise

The most effective thing at changing our emotions is movement.  If you just got news that may be causing both stress and intense emotions, it is never a bad idea to get your body in motion so you don’t stay stuck in fear.  This can be as simple as walking for five to fifteen minutes or can be something fun like dancing with your pet. Either way, try to get yourself moving so you don’t get emotionally stuck in place.

#4. Eat Something Healthy

You just found out your body is fighting some sort of battle.  It is going to need the right fuel to put up a decent fight. Consider drinking some water and perhaps eating a piece of fruit or a fresh vegetable.  Just getting some vitamins into your body can give your metabolism a boost and give you the energy you need to work through what comes next.

#5. Find Support

There are a number of support groups for nearly every diagnosis you can think of.  These groups are setup for exactly these types of situations. Consider finding and attending one as soon as you are able. Most of the attendees have already been through all of the things you have coming up.  No one can give you better support than someone that has been through it.

You can also go to www.caregiving.com – they have free online support groups and chats for family caregivers.  

What Did You Do On Diagnosis Day?

What did you do on Diagnosis day?  What advice would you give others? Let us know what you think on our facebook page.