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What’s in a name?

You have all heard the old adage: “what’s in a name?”  The implication of course being that a name has no real meaning.  Consider that for a minute. Would you like it if someone consistently didn’t call you by your name?  I would not like it. So my answer to the question “what’s in a name?” is: “Everything!”

Since I feel there is significance in a name, there was considerable thought and effort put into the selection of our branding elements.  First, let’s talk about the name MindLight.

The Name MindLight

Some discussion regarding our name, MindLight, was provided in the Welcome to MindLight post.  While this is indeed true, it wasn’t the only reason considered in the selection. While there were some practical implications, like not being the name of another company, there were many more powerful reasons for the choice.


The choice of the name MindLight had some strong origins in the concept of a nightlight for a child.  I have four children and all of them still sleep with the hall light on or a nightlight in their rooms.  The reason is they are scared of the dark and the things their imagination makes up about what might be found in the dark.  This is especially true for them during the years where they struggled with night terrors. My children used the nightlight to bring them peace and make them feel safe.

We were not making physical devices at MindLight (at least not yet.)  So the idea of a virtual nightlight for those that were scared of the dark or whose imaginations created boogymen in unseen spaces of their mind was appealing to us.  MindLight became for us a beacon in the dark.


The concept of finding ones way in the dark was a strong theme throughout all of our discussions about what caregivers were going through.  While visiting my husband’s family in Two Rivers, WI we visited Point Beach. There was a beautiful old lighthouse on the beach of Lake Michigan.  As I looked out across the water, I couldn’t see if there was an end to the blue. I imagined boats coming in the night looking for the safety of the shore and the light guiding their way.  MindLight was the lighthouse for those lost, looking for someone to guide them. Unlike the nightlight, keeping the dark at bay, the lighthouse brought the light to ensure safe passage. The feeling of safety, calm, and peace were all things we wanted other caregivers to think of when they saw our name.  Since Nightlight and Lighthouse were taken, MindLight was born.

What’s in a color?

We had a name that conveyed the feelings we wanted.  Now we needed to find a color. I was dead set against “medical blue and white.”  I spent 20+ years in healthcare IT and the colors felt sterile and unfeeling to me.  I didn’t want to be thought of like a medical resource. We were here to help caregivers.  The medical professionals where their to help the caree. So how did we support caregivers with color?

We did a lot of color research.  Interestingly, a new family of purple was introduced as late as the 1950s into the commercial marketplace.  It felt fitting to find a new color to address a new solution. While that was a fun and interesting fact, it turns out that purple was also associated with expanding ones awareness as well as assisting those seeking meaning.  We liked the idea of being attractive to those seeking. We wanted to be part of their journey to awareness.

The psychology of color was fascinating.  Words and ideas like imagination, spirituality, introspection, and deeper thought continued to come up in the research.  Then we looked at what purple was made of. The color red, projecting feelings of energy and strength. The color blue, projecting feelings of integrity.  The two together, creating a union, a balance. The feeling of calm balance was exactly what we wanted you to feel. It is what we wanted to feel. Purple it is.

What’s in a logo?

Finding the right feeling was the most important consideration for us as we developed our brand.  The name was about finding answers and hope and feeling safe from fear. The color purple helped us promote the feeling of balance and calm.  So what symbol could we possibly find to integrate the color and the name and expand on our desire to help you see us as part of your team, your extended family.

Horton Hatches the Egg

My family has four kiddos.  Luckily they all like to read.  One late night I was reading Dr. Seuss’s book, “Horton Hatches the Egg.”  It’s a sweet story about a dedicated elephant that gets tricked by a sneaky bird to sit on and hatch her egg.  Horton endures hardship after hardship, but he persists. He repeated to himself over and over, “I meant what I said, I said what I meant.  An elephant’s faithful 100%.” Tears made their way up to my eyes. An elephant, that was the symbol. Faithful, one hundred percent.

As if the book was not enough of a sign that we needed to use an elephant to ensure you felt our commitment, we did one of the things we do best, we did some research.

Elephants are Great Team Members

Our research uncovered that elephants could recognize and keep track of the location of as many as thirty of their companions at a time.  I remember feeling like I related to the elephant when reading the fact. Some days it seemed like there were at least thirty things to keep track of.

Elephants also have incredible recall and the natural instincts to work as a team.  One of our original tag lines was, “It’s about not forgetting, ever.” All the tasks and children and aging parents in our lives, how do you make sure you don’t forget it all.  What if you forget Mom’s medication? It seemed natural that an elephant made sense.

The icing on the cake was that an elephant was often used in Alzheimer’s awareness, and one of our founders is a caregiver for her husband with the disorder.  In addition, an elephant was seen in awareness campaigns for Autism; my family has a connection to Autism, one of our daughter’s has the diagnosis.

Elephant in the Room

There were so many great reasons to try to find an elephant type symbol as our logo.  One more came to mind. The idea of the “elephant in the room.” In caregiving there are so many unsaid and unasked things.  So many elephants in the room. It is hard to be the family member that is always the one that brings it up. What if MindLight was the proverbial elephant in the room, but in a good way?  If we could help be the team member that brings up the difficult topics. Could we help shine a light on issue so you didn’t have to do it?

One Bite at a Time

If we could shine a light to help you not fear the dark and to guide the way and we could help you discuss the elephant in the room topics, then we can certainly help you get through huge issues.  I mean isn’t it obvious? How do you eat and elephant? Well, one bite at time. We will provide and create resources for the community in small bites – to help you feel empowered but not overwhelmed.

What’s in a Brand?

So, what do you think?  What’s in a Brand? Did we think of the important things that you would have wanted us to consider?  Let us know what you think on our facebook page.