Prepare to Care

Prepare to Care

Prepare to Care – planning ahead makes caregiving more rewarding.  If you know you are going to have a baby, you get excited about the chance to care for the baby.  If you know you are going to help out Mom or Dad after they age, you might be able to also get excited about the chance to care for them too.

What’s the secret?  The secret is to plan.  If you are scared, it is just the mind’s way of telling you to get your butt in gear and start planning to deal with all this stuff before it’s an issue.

Step 1 – Form a Team

Let’s pretend that you have already had the conversation with Mom or Dad.  The next step is to form a team of people that can help you now – before things get harried.  (Check out the Dream Team post)

While many of us have a tendency to want to do it alone, it is better if you are able to have others support you.  That is why we created MindLight application.  One of the many things the app does is allow you to form your team by invitation in more than one way.  You can send an email or a text message. This makes it easier for some of your helpers who might not be text savvy.

Step 2 – Make a Plan

If you are going to create a team, you need to have something you can do with the time.  One of the things that many caregivers struggle with is figuring out what to ask for help with.  


When waiting in the hospital, you can use your phone to create tasks that need to be done and put them right in the app and then assign them to others on the team while you are doing your important work.

Step 3 – Prepare to Care For Yourself

We all struggle with this one sometimes. Yet, it is one of the most important parts of caregiving.  Some caregivers find that they have to actually start scheduling time to take care of themselves. The app allows you to put your team tasks and your personal tasks.  Some caregivers actually make assignments to shower or to drink water.


Preparing to care is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.  


What did you do to help you organize caregiving tasks?  Drop us a note on facebook and let us know.