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Why we created the Mindlight App


The app was made for family caregivers by family caregivers. We are here for the caregivers when no one else is. This is what we are excited about, we use technology to equip and enable – not replace – the loving touch and care of a family caregiver.

“ I am a sandwich generation caregiver – I have four children – one with autism – and 2 parents that are not aging gracefully. I was struggling to keep up with my caregiving duties, my career, and my own needs. I needed help and it didn’t exist – so I made a solution.”

 — Jackie Schwabe, CEO


This past year we were excited to be featured on App of the Day, and since then updates have been released.

Connect. Coordinate. Communicate.

The MindLight app brings it all together!

  • The NEW CHAT feature allows for easier team collaboration right inside the app to keep all of your caregiving conversations confidential and in one place! Enhance search has also been added to include chat conversations.
  • The NEW DOWNLOAD feature allows for easier integration into a working family’s typical calendar system. You can manage it all in the app or you can download appointments and tasks to your favorite calendar.

You can see the full feature interview, here and the updates that were released over here.



If you have not yet downloaded the free app or need assistance in setting it up, feel free to contact us

Our mission is to help!