Emergency Planning and Preparedness – Basic Profile

Emergency Preparedness, Planning and Your Basic Profile

We are beginning a series in emergency planning and preparedness, starting with your basic profile.
Mobility, hearing, learning, or seeing disabilities can create some different and yet specific needs that individuals need to address to be able to respond to an emergency

What is a Basic Profile?

The basic profile will be the first collection of information within your emergency preparedness binder. The intent is to have the basic information for a emergency responder to help assist you or someone you are caring for as quickly as possible.

If you are a caregiver that helps take care of a child with special needs, a child with a disability, an aging parent, etc., then you know that we not given discharge instructions.
Let’s be honest, even if they did give us the information, they tell us so much that we probably wouldn’t remember it all anyway.

You Can Do Anything in Small Chunks

Creating an entire emergency preparedness plan in one sitting can be overwhelming, however, in this series we intend to help by giving you small action steps. You will be able to review, create and store the information for when you actually need it.

That is the goal: create one page using a template or other resource that you can hole-punch and put into a binder that will eventually include everything you need for an emergency preparedness plan. Although, every situation is unique, this is intended to be a base line with basic information.

“Creating an entire emergency plan can be overwhelming, we intend to help by giving you small action steps each week”

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What Should You Include

Your basic profile should contain: name, date of birth, social security number, address, email, phone, and health insurance information. 
You would also want to add in things like any major allergies or medications with a lot of different counter-interactions.
You would also want to indicate if there are any adaptive equipment need, hearing aids, glasses, etc.

Think of the basic profile as the sheet you would give to someone else if they were having to check the person you care for into the hospital when you were unable to do it.

Now What?

The intent in creating your basic profile and perhaps those you care for, is is not to be fancy, but to be practical and efficient. 

You do not need to type all this into a document and make it pretty.  You can write all of this down on a regular sheet of paper and that is fine. 
There are no points for attractiveness in saving lives – the only thing that counts is they live.

You can store your documents safe and securely within the Mindlight App and share them with family members or caregivers

Emergency Preparedness, Virtual filing, safe, secure
Keep important information at the ready and accessible to everyone with the MindLight Virtual Filing Cabinet. MindLight will also notify you and relevant team members when someone adds or updates information, ensuring that no one’s left out of the loop.
Keep important information ready and accessible

Coming Up…

The intent of this series is to educate, empower and connect you with the resources and tools you need. Coming up next we will talk about items in your home, your loved one, or persons you care for. Information and documents that are easy to forget when you are in a stressful situation.

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All emergency planning details are adapted from Emergency Preparedness Plan.  MindLight CEO is a contributing author.

You can also read more about the Author, Laura George, the Workbook and Support Group in App.

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