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Emergency Preparedness Plan Home Details

Emergency Preparedness Plan Home Details

This week in our series we will discuss Emergency Preparedness Plan: Home Details. In last weeks post, we talked about your Basic Profile and what to include
Emergency preparedness plan: home details should include the things used around the home daily.
Its important to keep our loved ones safe in the event of an emergency, natural disaster or other.

Equipment in The Home

Emergency preparedness plan: home details should include the things used around the home daily. This include basic things we use every single day without a second thought.

  • Are you or anyone you care for on life-saving equipment?  If the answer is yes, you may need to get the equipment providers and their contact information. 
  • Are you using oxygen or dialysis? It would be helpful to document the center name and contact details.
  • Do you require any adapted equipment to hear/see/move?
    You should think about keeping an old piece just in case of an emergency.

Small Actions Steps

We continue the emergency preparedness plan series on the theme that You can do anything in small increments. 
If you spent the 5 or 10 minutes last week creating a basic profile,in like manner, you can take 5 to 10 minutes creating the next section.

This weeks action step: collect some key information about your home that might be helpful during an emergency.
You can add more as we continue on in the series. Again, every situation is unique, this is a base line with basic information that can be added upon.

“This weeks action step: collect some key information about your home that might be helpful during an emergency.” #EmergencyPreparedness

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Type of Details to Collect

Here are a few items to think about adding to your emergency preparedness plan binder in your home details section:

  • Gather all the contact information for all the utility companies.
  • Do you know how to shut off the gas or water if there was an emergency? If you do not, you may want to walk through the process and put the steps inside of the binder
  • Purchasing a weather alert radio will be helpful if you are in a high risk area.
  • Collect the contact information for your auto and rental /homeowners insurance.
  • Do you depend on the internet for any services? You many need to look into a ‘hotspot’ on your cellular device.
  • Connect with the local Community Code Red or Smart911 service if available.
  • Research possible local disabled/shelter programs and their accommodations.

Now What?

The document does not need to be pretty. It should be practical and efficient. Take a photo of a piece of paper and store it on your phone on the MindLight App.  That will allow you to make this simple piece of paper mobile and visible to share with everyone else that cares for your care recipient. 

You can store your documents safe and securely within the Mindlight App and share them with family members or caregivers

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Keep important information at the ready and accessible to everyone with the MindLight Virtual Filing Cabinet. MindLight will also notify you and relevant team members when someone adds or updates information, ensuring that no one’s left out of the loop.
Keep important information ready and accessible

Coming Up…

The intent of this series is to educate and connect you with the resources and tools needed to help you feel confident in an emergency situation. Coming up next we will talk about how to effectively communicate with 911 operators.  We will cover “COT” in the next part of this series.

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All emergency planning details are adapted from Emergency Preparedness Plan.  MindLight CEO is a contributing author.

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