High-Tech, High-Touch: 5 Tech Tips

High Tech High Touch – 5 Tech Tips

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are living in a highly technical world.  How does this high tech world connect with the high touch world of caregiving? It is a good practice to consider the technology plan as it relates to your role as a caregiver.  The technology plan’s main goal is to protect and manage the i-Self of the person that you are caring for.

Here are 5 technical tips to help you protect the i-Self and internet assets, related to person you are caring for.

#1 – Review All Accounts that Have Passwords

It is amazing how much information is stored online these days.  It can be difficult to manage the digital assets of a person you are caring for if you don’t identify all the accounts they have and how to access them.  Here is a brief list of accounts to jog your memory:

  • Health care accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Insurance accounts
  • Computer Logins
  • Mobile Device Logins (iPad, IPhone, Tablet, etc)
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Travel Memberships (airline, rental car, hotel)
  • AARP or AAA memberships
  • Website Passwords
  • Internet SSID and Passwords, Modem Passwords
  • Computer Backups
  • iTunes
  • Social Media Accounts

It is possible there are more than those listed here.  However, if you start with this list it is likely you will help the memory of the person you are caring for.  Consider entering all of these accounts into a password protection tool like LastPass (it is free, and only $12 if you want it to use advanced features).


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#2 – Manage Financial Information

While bank accounts were mentioned in the first item, managing financial information can be significantly more complex. The person you will care for may have retirement accounts, credit cards, bank cards, and other accounts.

These types of accounts also require legal access with a financial power of attorney.  You may want to have secondary users and beneficiaries.

You can use some technology tools like Mint to help aggregate and manage all financial accounts.  Ensure that whatever tool you use has the proper security measures.

#3 – Manage Personal Information

You will want to consider personal information as a separate entity than the accounts and financial section.  Identity theft is a concern for all of us, but often our vulnerable loved ones are targeted.  Consider identity protection software and ensure you have all the key local numbers to call in the event that you might have been affected by identity theft.

#4 – Manage Healthcare Information

We have discussed keeping a personal healthcare record in prior posts like Top 10 things to consider when creating a personal health care record.  Ensure that whatever software you are using is protecting your information.

Consider that you need to obtain a health care power of attorney, similar to a financial power of attorney.

#5 – Create a Technology Plan and Execute it

The last tip is to create a technology plan based on the above research and then begin to execute it.  You can use an app like Mindlight to enter and track all of your tasks in a secure location.


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