Summer Safety Tips for Aging Loved Ones

It’s almost summer again! Some of us are thrilled, and others are just thinking about all the additional things we need to consider in the summer weather. Just to help ease your mind, here are a few tips and tricks for summer safety as you help your aging loved ones.

Drink, Drink, Drink!

This isn’t just true for aging loved ones, it is true for all of us! It is important that we all stay hydrated during the summer heat. However, as we age we can become even more susceptible to dehydration as we can lose the ability to conserve water. Unfortunately, we can also be a little less aware of when we are thirsty and can have trouble adjusting to changes in the temperature.

TIP: Remember to offer water to your aging loved ones each time you take a drink. You can also consider giving them “sweat replacement products” that contain salt and potassium to help replace the water they lose in the heat.

Check the Meds!

Check with your loved one’s physician to see if any medications might be affected by high temperatures. Some can even become less effective.

TIP: Check with the pharmacy to see if any medications are temperature sensitive. If they are, store appropriately.

Put on Sunscreen!

Regardless of our age, we should wear sunscreen outside. However, our loved ones might need extra sun protection to keep their skin safe from the kisses of the sun. Consider offering them sunscreen when you use it and offer to assist if they might need help.

TIP: You can also offer a fun summer hat to help keep the rays off your loved ones head, especially if they are lightened a bit with age.

“Check with the pharmacy to see if any medications are temperature sensitive. If they are, store appropriately.” #EmergencyPreparedness

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