We bring simplicity to complex caregiving challenges.

The MindLight team understands the challenges surrounding the delivery of consistent, quality care for loved ones. MindLight’s mission is to continue to develop intelligent solutions that allow for the best care possible.

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Most caregivers are overwhelmed by the daily requirements of caregiving, and don’t have time to guide others to provide critical help. We built MindLight because we want to be your partner in leading your life – not just surviving it.

Jackie Schwabe CEO & Founder

We get it.

The MindLight app was created by people who understand the daily challenges of caring for a loved one.

MindLight helps you break down the things you need to get done, organize information, and design efficient strategies to accomplish your goals.

Get more done with less stress

Get more done with less stress.

Making teamwork easier is the driving factor behind MindLight, offering support, strategies, and solutions for caregivers and their loved ones.

MindLight makes it easy for you to track progress on long‐term goals as well as short‐term needs. The app allows you to share and store information and keeps your team members informed of changes.

Our mission is to help.

We understand the importance of the caregiving community because we’re a part of it.

MindLight helps caregivers connect with others in their area, get access to more resources, and build their own personal team of assistants, family members, healthcare professionals, drivers, service providers, therapists, and support groups.

Our goal remains to create and improve technology for caregiver teams for the betterment of both caregivers and carees. Our logo is an elephant in homage to their remarkable recall abilities, as well as their natural instincts to work as a team.

Did you know?

Elephants recognize and can keep track of the locations of as many as 30 companions at a time.

Scientific American

Head Shot White Shirt On Couch

Every team needs a leader.

MindLight is uniquely tailored for the specific challenges full‐ and part‐time caregivers face daily because its founder and CEO, Jackie Schwabe, is a sandwich caregiver for four children, one with autism, as well as a distance caregiver for her mother.

Schwabe understands what caregivers need and where the gaps are between the healthcare industry and the caregiving community, and through MindLight, works to fill those gaps and help caregivers find solutions.